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Observations on Rural Service After MBBS

Let's talk about what it means to be a Bond JR/Short Post Resident/Medical Officer. Why have they enforced this on us and what is our role?  “Don’t skip it, complete it and move ahead” Perspective . I have a confession to make before we start. Being posted in the Blood Bank means that I have been watching from the sidelines. However, it puts me in a unique position: 1. I experienced bond as a 'Short Post JR' as well as an 'MO' and 2. I watched from the sidelines, and saw the bigger picture. The Bigger picture. A low doctor to patient ratio in rural areas leads to poor healthcare and a chance for pseudoscience-based treatment to flourish. If Park has taught us anything it is that we are needed at the periphery. So here we are, all over Goa, forming a great network serving our people, amcho Goemkars . One year is not wasted, it's an opportunity to learn the ground reality, step out of your comfort zone and gain confidence in yourself. The salary is a boon for tho

Convalescent Plasma : Donation Procedure

Edit: As of 18th May 2021 AIIMS New Delhi has removed Convalescent Plasma in the Management  Guidelines. There are two different methods on how you can donate convalescent plasma. 1. WHOLE BLOOD Convalescent Plasma and 2. APHERESIS  Convalescent Plasma.  Eligibility criteria (common to both): The donor should be:- 1. >18 years old  2. >55 kgs 3. Male or a nulliparous female ( a woman who hasn't given birth to a child) The donor should carry their Positive test report i.e RTPCR or RAT or Discharge Card. The symptoms should have resolved 28 days prior to donation i.e 28 days from the last day of symptoms [The date of swabbing/positive report and first day of symptoms are not considered] 1. WHOLE BLOOD CP: This is similar to a blood donation, which takes around 10 to 15 minutes. You donate enough plasma for ONE PATIENT and you can donate again only after 3 MONTHS (4 months for females) 2. APHERESIS CP: Donor has to be screened before the procedure. A blood sample will be col