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7 Things That Can Change Your MBBS Grades Instantly.

  Do you find yourself wondering why your grades are lower than expected even though you put in so much effort studying?
Here are some tips that you can use to get the marks that you deserve. Make a note of important points and work towards implementing them. This will boost your marks and your confidence to face the exam.
Let's get straight to it!

1.  Use A Question Bank

Make a list of repeated questions from old question papers. You must be well prepared and confident in them before you move on to reading unmarked topics.
Photocopy last ten years exam papers that are available in the library.

2.  Manage Your Study Time 

Spend the right amount of time for the right subjects. You must find a balance between spending time learning new or difficult topics and revising your strong topics. Spending too much time on one subject can lead to panic attacks.

3.  Practice Diagrams            

Awaken the artist within you and practice diagrams in between study sessions. This can fetch you extra marks. Also, drawing flow charts makes the paper presentable and also saves time.

4. Solve Question Papers

Use the question bank stated previously to frame a prototype paper for yourself and check if you can solve it within the time limit. This will improve your time management and presentation skills and also help you rehearse for the exam. 

5.  Ask Advice From Seniors

Your immediate seniors are the best folks to have a chat on how to deal with exams. The challenges that they faced are likely to be encountered by you. Hence you can work on the solution to tackle them. Ask a senior who has similar study pattern and ability as you.

6.  Write

This sounds a bit old fashioned but it's a very powerful tool to cover your portion. Writing makes you remember better, keeps you focused, and makes revision much easier. Write and practice only those important "starred" short/long notes and bundle them up for  a quick last minute revision.

7.  Revise Revise Revise

Revision in studies is the same as a professional basketball player practicing 100 shots from the same spot. Every time you recollect something while studying it becomes easier to recollect during exams. So when you revise don’t just re-read but close your eyes and recollect.

That's all folks!

By only including things that worked for us we sought to keep our advice 100. Help us understand what works and what doesn't so that we can refine our advice. Tell us what methods works for you in the comment section below



  1. Thanks a lot Sidney and Pushkar

  2. Wow .. that's really great.All points had worked for me.But I think Consistency from the beginning helps more for notes and hence could make diagrams and charts accordingly.
    Also I think while we make notes , a point wise one will make it easier for last moment preps.

    1. Hi Neha. Thanks for the comment. Check out the other articles as well. :)

  3. Examinations have always trapped students in stress and tensions. But there is a way if there is a will, as the popular idiom says. If the proper solutions are taken into account, the best scores can be bagged comprehensively. The most important thing that one student needs to take care of, during the examinations is that they must keep calm to deal with all sorts of questions, both easy and miscellaneous. These things is suggested by my professor at All saints university & I also appreciates the valuable things you share with us.


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