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7 Things That Can Change Your MBBS Grades Instantly.

  Do you find yourself wondering why your  grades are lower than expected  even though you put in so much effort studying? Here are some tips that you can use to get the marks that you deserve. Make a note of important points and work towards implementing them. This will  boost your marks and your confidence  to face the exam. Let's get straight to it! 1.   Use A  Question Bank Make  a list of repeated questions  from old question papers. You must be well prepared and confident in them before you move on to reading unmarked topics. Photocopy  last ten years exam papers  that are available in the library. 2.    Manage Your Study Time  Spend the  right amount of time  for the right subjects. You must  find a balance  between spending time learning new or difficult topics and revising your strong topics. Spending too much time on one subject can lead to panic attacks. 3.    Practice Diagrams              Awaken the artist within you and  practice diag