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Places to visit in and around RHTC,Mandur

Why waste time on planning when you can be enjoying? 

After a long day in the OPD or Laboratory or Dressing Room at RHTC, Mandur, we would be tired, physically. Being in a remote area with your batchmates, and having an enthusiasm that everyone our age has, our bodies may have been energy depleted, but our spirits were young, wild and free! 

So, after playing Psych, learning many card games and becoming professional carrom players we would run out of things to do and would pump one another and decide to go out.

Since we took so long deciding where to go, and then even longer finding out where these places were, I decided to note down, in one list, all the places to go to and a little about them including their location. Let's go!

1.  Bee top
10. Bhaiya pav bhaji

1. Bee top

This is probably the first place you will see and then the first place to go to. It's the water tank near the parking lot. Being round about 15 to 20 metre high it's the tallest structure around. The climb may be a bit scary for the acrophobics. Once you reach the top you'll know it is worth it. The view from the top is breathtaking. 

There are 4 huge bee hives on the way up and for that reason you should tread cautiously. Best time to go up is early morning. Although evening time is good too and a midnight outing up here is something I really enjoyed.

2. Bridge to Nowhere

Park here and walk to the Bridge.

This quaint little place is a very good spot to unwind after a long day especially if you have been posted in the dressing room. The best to time visit the place is from 5:30 to 6pm  because rule number one of good insta pictures is perfect lighting. Also, it's a secluded place and the climb up requires some amount of light.

The bridge started it's construction a few years ago, however due to reasons unknown to us the construction was stopped and this unfinished bridge leads to nowhere.

We started out in our Alto (the only car that can maneuver through narrow roads ahead). The small lanes with houses lining both sides, cows blocking, kids running about, tell you the story of the village. After a 10 minute drive from we reached the parking area for bikes and cars and from here it was about a 100 mts walk to the bridge.

(pc: Pushkar Patnekar)

To climb the bridge there were two rusty ladders whose capacity we tested by sending our most heaviest colleague first. The makeshift ladder shook but stood tall. The first ladder was an easy task, the second ladder had smaller spaces between each rung and it was difficult to climb with shoes on.

The whole climb was exhilarating. We clicked a few pictures (by few I mean a lot of pictures). The view on top was amazing!

3. Temple Top (Shree Shasti Shantadurga Temple)  

(pc:- Pushkar Patnekar) 

Don't miss a chance to climb to the very top of this water tank that is right next to the temple. If you get up early (or stay awake the entire night) then you can catch the sunrise from up here. Be cautious though.

4. Railway track

Cool place to go for an evening walk. You also get a good view of the rivulet that flows below the track. After stepping out of the campus via the newer gate, take a left and walk about 100 metres until you are under the railway track. Now, on the right of the road there lies a narrow muddy path leading up beside the track. I doubt there is much to say here except, look out for the trains!

5.Church Top (Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount) 

15 minutes after saying bye to Jumpy, taking the same route passing Carambolim lake, and after a few wrong turns and corrective U-turns we reached this dark, spooky and ironically ghostly place. The first time we went we returned after seeing a locked gate from the safety of the car. The second time, with a lot of courage we entered via a small area besides the gate. The best time to go here is at night and the more the merrier (less the scarier!)
Nothing much to do here than to scare one another with ghost stories. We spent just 15 to 20 minutes here and headed towards Three King's Church after that. 

6. Cafe soopoo.

(pc: Sonal Prasad)

This Cafe is like an oasis in a desert. In the middle of green fields and brown mud houses lies this cool and city style cafe. Good place to chill with friends for supper. Right opposite Old Heritage Club. Nice place to chill and eat with a group of friends. It includes Cremeux and Nescafe. 

7. Three Kings Chapel 

Famous for being Asia's most haunted place it did live up to the hype and left us scared and huddled up. The best time to go is after 12pm, of course and 3am if you're ghost hunting. This place is rumoured to be haunted by the 3 king's that died by poisoning each other. It is a scary place to start with and the howling noises made and ghost stories told by your friends makes it even scarier. Don't forget to look behind!

8. Carambolim lake

(pc: Sonal Prasad)

This is apparently a great place for bird watching as per GTDC. We never encountered any of the exotic birds there. We visited the place during the month of May and it didn't live up to the expectation. Maybe because we experienced the lake only through the car window as we passed by. 

9. Crocodile Estuary

Park here and walk/ride to the Bridge, and then continue on the narrow muddy path for about 200 metres. 

10. Bhaiya's vada pav stall

Right outside the RHTC gate. Only available in the evening. I had to include this un-paid promotion because the owner and I became good friends over the period of the posting.

That's all folks! 

Take care not to go out alone/too late/ when you're on duty, be safe and make sure you have fun!

Thank you to my Chief Editor and mains, Sonal Prasad, for making this post readable, my bro, Pushkar Patnekar, for being so adventurous and camera-ready and 
Aadini Prabhu for writing part of this post one sleepy night.