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Places to visit in and around RHTC,Mandur

Why waste time on planning when you can be enjoying?  After a long day in the OPD or Laboratory or Dressing Room at RHTC, Mandur, we would be tired, physically. Being in a remote area with your batchmates, and having an enthusiasm that everyone our age has, our bodies may have been energy depleted, but our spirits were young, wild and free!  So, after playing Psych, learning many card games and becoming professional carrom players we would run out of things to do and would pump one another and decide to go out . Since we took so long deciding where to go, and then even longer finding out where these places were, I decided to note down, in one list, all the places to go to and a little about them including their location. Let's go! 1.  Bee top 2. Bridge to Nowhere 3. Temple Top  4. Railway track 5. Church Top 6. Cafe Soopoo 7. Three Kings Chapel 8. Carambolim lake 9. Crocodile Estuary 10. Bhaiya pav bhaji 1. Bee top This is probably the