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The josh is high. ‘Enthusiastic studying with an air of dedication’ summarizes the first month of Final Year.
Although it seems that if these High Energy Days continued throughout the Year it would guarantee success that is NOT the case; take prolonged exertion, mix it with anxiety and stress and you have the recipe for ‘Burnout’. So, counter-intuitively, it's best to replace high-energy-high-stress mindset with an Optimum (not opium) mindset. This Optimum mindset can keep you running till the end. Like a long distance runner who starts off slowly and picks up pace at the end. Final Year is a marathon rather than a 100m sprint. Here are some ways to prevent burnout & win this race. See you at the finish line!

1. Deal with stress.

Stress is so common in medicine that we consider it part and parcel of final year. Well it's okay to be stressed sometimes and not all the time, and it should be the kind of stress that keeps you at your table studying. If it's negative, persistent and disturbing your mental peace then you must deal with it, stat.

2. Remember this not permanent.

In our internship Orientation Programme one of the lecturers started off by congratulating us for passing the most difficult year of our career. That's when I thought ‘hey! It seemed like an eternity but now that it's over it was rather quick!’  So, when things seem never-ending just remember that it's all temporary and the view at the peek of this mountain is amazing.

 3. Set achievable goals.

When your friend answers a question confidently and you have no idea that term or topic even existed don't feel dejected. The portion is vast and it's not possible to know everything about everything. Learn as much as you can, keep getting better and set high yet achievable goals.

4. Know your limits.

Know how long you can study for, know when to take a break, know how much sleep you need. Don't make excuses but find a balance between pushing your limits and staying well away from them.

5. Rest.

Take a break every now and then. Using your phone is not a good way to relax. Go for a walk. Talk to friends. Make something creative. Do pushups. Meditate. Take a day off once in a while.

What's your activity of choice when it comes to taking some time off studies? Comment below. To get blog updates via whatsapp/email Click Here. The thing is burnout is not spoken about much in our college. We need to understand what it is. Only then can we  deal with it appropriately. Here are a few articles for those who are interested in reading about it:

So chill and give it your best. After all when the going gets tough the tough get going! All the best!