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Final Year MBBS: Tips, Tricks and Much More

Hey! If you're reading this means you've sailed through to the final bit of MBBS and you are ready to face the most difficult part, the final lap or the last battle.

Considering it's the most stressful year we have prepared this to make things easier for you. These are the ways in which we studied. Along with some tips from your 'seniors'.  All the best!

Do comment below (and if you're as shy as me then use this link anonymously :) and make sure to share this page with your friends!

I have asked a few of my fellow batchmates (Sonal Prasad, Raul Pinto, Shailee Prabhu, Pushkar Patnekar, Rupali Thokal, Shubham Karpe and Ella-Marie Sequeira) to answer the following 4 questions on any one subject:-

1.Which books did you use for theory and practicals?

2.Did you supplement that with notes?

3.How did you go about the posting?

4.Any other tips/advice?
I've compiled their answers starting with medicine followed by Obstetric-Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Surgery.

Planning how to go about studying (which will be easier after reading this article) is only 5%. The rest is persistent hardwork, sacrifice and a bit of luck. All the best!


From the subject topper:
''It was my third Posting,
For theory I used George Matthew. + Harrison (imp. chapters and common LNs),
For practicals I used PJ Mehta, Kundu, Alagappan & Hutchison (important things only). I made my own notes using these text books and what they taught for clinics,
I used class notes. They teach specific treatment modalities followed in our hospital. To make revising easier I made my own notes, if I felt that a particular topic has to be studied from more than one book.

Tips: Start from day one; or (especially for the last posting) before your posting. Give time for clinical concepts. Study theory during the posting since there's absolutely no time to cover the theory portion later."

''It was my Third Posting,
For theory I used Boloor,
For practicals I used Kundu & Alagappan,
I used notes only for Cardiovascular System.
During the posting I made sure to attend all classes. Also, studying for theory helps to form d/d while taking cases during clinics.
Tips: Focus more on Long cases for medicine as if you fail in Long case it is difficult to compensate in short cases.''


From the subject topper:
''It was my First Posting,
For theory I used Dutta. I referred to Shaw for a few concepts,
For practicals I used Doshi - clinical. Some chapters like CA cervix are better in Doshi than Dutta.
Tips: Since I had the posting first I took a long time to cover the portion but others were able to comfortably finish the entire portion in 1.5 months. Make sure to spend time reading the chapter for the first time. Revise at frequent intervals since it is volatile.''

''It was my last Posting,
For theory I used Dutta. + case book of doshi,
For practicals I used Doshi,
I didn’t use a single note.
Here's how I scheduled my posting (remember it was my last posting):
2-3 weeks: Theory portion. I studied the practical part during clinics hours on a day to day basis. This left me with 6 more weeks.
3 weeks: Revise/complete the theory portion of the 3 other subjects.
1 week: Revise clinics (mostly medicine)
2weeks: Finish/revise obgyn posting in time for the ward leaving.                                 
2weeks (after Ward Leaving): Study for Prelims.''


''It was my First posting,
For theory I used class notes and O.P Ghai,
For practicals I used clinics notes and Chedda,
I studied on a daily basis and focused on neonate portion in the first month
Tips: As there are regular tests it's easy to complete the portion. Take the tests seriously as internals play an important role in the final marks.

''It was my Last posting,
For theory I used OP ghai and Gauri Kamat (handwritten) notes,
For practicals I used Chedda,
I used DK Series (printed notes),
I attended clinics regularly, took cases (especially common ones). I wrote down cases for neonate with examinations
Tips: For paeds focus on notes. Relate your medicine knowledge. Read Immunisation, Development , Anthropometry, Diet properly.''


From the subject topper:
''It was my last posting,
For Theory I used Manipal,
For Practical I used Das (very rarely),
I used those notes with case formats and questions for practical and history taking, examination and viva questions taught during the posting.
I attended all the ward and opd days, bunked a few OT days as I didn't find it useful most of the times,
took cases on ward days and read notes given along with  the case format.
Tips: Study all the long notes and short notes atleast once so that u have a brief idea about the topic (surgery is very volatile. It is almost impossible to remember everything.) Try to cover all the headings while writing answers.
Revise long notes on the day before exam and few points of short notes. For practicals study long cases thoroughly.''

Other Subjects.

Psychiatry -> Study from Ahuja. Mainly the SNs. Study this during skin posting.

Skin -> Khopkar. During Skin posting. Attending the classes is not recommended if your attendance is in order.

R.S -> George Matthew. During TB & Chest posting

Orthopedics -> Maheshwari. Some used Ebnezar. Study the LNs first. SNs are unpredictable but mainly come from the following headings :- Infections, Implants and Prosthesis, Traction/Splint, Fracture complications, Soft tissue and joints.

Urology -> Class Notes are enough. Manipal if you prefer textbook.
The printed Short Note list is an extensive and at times frustrating list. Go through the old question papers instead.

And here is the 'much more' that the title suggests. 

Do not panic. Stay calm. Study regularly. And most importantly never give up! All the best!


  1. Thank you, guys! You have always been a very helpful and supportive batch to all of us ♥️

    1. Welcome! I hope the link at the end was helpful. It is a compilation of all the pics and notes for the practical exams.

  2. Replies
    1. Your welcome :) We wrote this article to help tide over that crisis you face in the first few days to weeks of final year so that you're able to adjust to the change asap.

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