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Final Year MBBS: Tips, Tricks and Much More

Hey! If you're reading this means you've sailed through to the final bit of MBBS and you are ready to face the most difficult part, the final lap or the last battle . Considering it's the most stressful year we have prepared this to make things easier for you. These are the ways in which we studied. Along with some tips from your 'seniors'.  All the best! Do comment below (and if you're as shy as me then use this link anonymously :) and make sure to share this page with your friends! I have asked a few of my fellow batchmates ( Sonal Prasad, Raul Pinto, Shailee Prabhu, Pushkar Patnekar, Rupali Thokal, Shubham Karpe and Ella-Marie Sequeira ) to answer the following 4 questions on any one subject:- 1.Which books did you use for theory and practicals? 2.Did you supplement that with notes ? 3.How did you go about the posting ? 4.Any other tips/advice ? I've compiled their answers starting with medicine followed by Obstetric-Gynaecology,