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5 Tips To Survive First Year MBBS

1. Study like never before. The best time to start studying was on the first day. The second best time is NOW. Study regularly. MBBS is not like 11th and 12th- it is hardly 25% intelligence and 75% hardwork (and you'll soon realise that, unlike school, half the class is as intelligent as you). Another thing to remember is that (contrary to popular belief) MBBS is not ONLY about mugging. It's about understanding first-remembering second. The amount you need to mug is inversely proportional to the amount you understand. 2. Seek help from 'seniors'. Ask your seniors for help. They have been in your place and have successfully got through. Having a mentor will mean the difference between breaking down before a test/viva/exam or walking in confidently, fumbling in front of an examiner or impressing him or her. Seniors will also 'mark' your textbook and tell you what to read and what not, which diagrams, tables and flowcharts are important