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One day at a time.

WAITING. Waiting… The year is 2017. A day in the rainy month of July. As I wait at a bus stop a thought comes to mind, as a medical student what is different about my life? What makes my life different from the persons who sat at this stop thoroughout the day? The thought lingered in my mind for a while. The time on the status bar of my mobile phone reads 9:00pm on the dot. It's dark and quiet. The only sound hitting my tympanum is that of traffic whizzing past. The occasional ‘bus kena yeta?’ fills the silence between cars that  pass by this main highway which takes you from Panjim to Margao through Agasaim, the place I call home, and Bambolim, in the heart of which sits my college campus (Goa Medical College). The bus crawls to stop in front of us. ‘Vasco? Margao?’ I hop in.   This article is for you. I'm sure you have visited a doctor before-more than once-but know very little about what the life of a doctor, beyond the white coat and consulting room, is. Have you